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Our Story

Established in the Silicon Valley of India in 2013, Freakcoders is your one-stop solution for web development and mobile apps requirements. With a holistic approach, we specialize in all aspects of web design and development, from ecommerce solutions and web applications to versatile online marketing (SEO/SEM) campaigns. As our name suggests, we are a passionate bunch of mavericks focused on delivering state-of-the-art products and services to multiple business verticals. With varied expertise in different industries, we stand for innovation and brand promise.

Our core values lie in being Transparent, Innovative and Professional. Our forte lies in crafting platforms for a robust online presence, and at the same time caring for our clients’ digital identity. We are at the core of innovation, experimenting and applying new ideas to create better opportunities for brands and industries to make them market leaders. Incorporating the latest tools and technology, we help you achieve desired results and stand out from the crowd.

Why Freakcoders

We are Bangalore’s web design and development studio, working with businesses, brands, and startups to transform ideas into beautiful products. As a startup software company that has successfully completed 100+ projects over the last 5 years, we believe in letting our work and results speak volumes. Our credibility and deliverability are reflected through satisfied clients. We have created a benchmark for ourselves to develop robust platforms that are in compliance with the industry standards. Pushing our professional boundaries to gain a competitive edge, we believe our success is a result of the continuous and earnest effort put in by the team.

Our Values

  • Transparency is in our ethics.
  • We believe in maintaining integrity with our clients and colleagues.
  • We deliver what we promise and live up to our clients’ expectations.
  • We follow an intuitive and methodical approach for every project to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Good communication is a key to reliability and trustworthiness.
  • We maintain transparent relations with all our clients.
  • We love details.
  • We ensure our projects are thoroughly tested, from concept to launch, and are built to last.
  • Project Strategy/Process

    At Freakcoders, we believe that clear communication builds a strong foundation of credibility and trust among clients, partners and teammates. We create highly strategized communication management plan that includes effectively listening to client’s requirements, act proactively on feedback, present discrepancies or issues and foster harmony.

    1. Project Analysis and Strategy

    Before starting any project, the client’s requirements are carefully analyzed and a plan is chalked out for initial development. The project SRS is shared with the respective teams for in-depth analysis, research, detailed fact findings, and design workflow to understand the requirement and scope of the project.

    2. Kickoff Discovery

    Once the project agreement and analysis is done, kickoff meetings are held between the dedicated teams and client to discuss key deliverables, time involvement, project scope and procedure, resource billing and payment.

    3. Transparency in Information

    We maintain accuracy, clarity and conciseness and share all the information exchanged with the client, among the respective project teams. To avoid confusions, we appoint a single point of contact, who acts as a communication medium between the client and the team. We use Skype, Email, Messengers, and phone calls to interact with our national and international clients. Live meetings, video and audio conference calls are also held, as and when required. We strive to maintain a balance between written and verbal communication.

    4. Project Workflow Accessibility

    We document everything, for easy sharing and reference, and also ensure that none of the information is lost.

    5. Modern Tools

    We use top-notch tools such as (please mention tools you use) to increase work efficiency of the team and deliver high-end results

    6. Privacy and Security

    At Freakcoders, we understand client information and project details are sensitive. We have a privacy policy in place and are bound to keep information in the office.

    7. Timely Reviews and Status Reports

    After every development phase, we share status reports with the client. Review meetings, for feedback and changes required, are held on a regular basis, as per the client’s convenience.

    Become Our Partner

    Join the bandwagon and be a part of our journey to success. Our well-established partnership programs are tailor-made to suit your business requirements. We provide exceptional custom software solutions and services to our clients, apart from comprehensive and competent assistance combined with technical details, our product portfolio, and the completion of your projects. Reap great benefits from our partner program to garner maximum customer satisfaction.

    Associate Partners

    As our associate partner, your projects will be taken up as high priority, whether you choose to work collectively or outsource the entire project to us. We specialize in mobile applications and web development.


    • Have a well-trained development team and properly-maintained infrastructure
    • Competent in managing business projects and closing business deals
    • Must have experience in mobile and web development


    • Company should have experience and credibility in providing mobile solutions
    • Capable to drive marketing and sales initiatives and run campaigns
    • Premises with proper infrastructure is a must


    • Client-centric products and services, as and when required
    • Highly-experienced and talented team of developers to work on projects
    • Great discounts on hourly rates and project execution on priority

    Strategic Partners

    Our avant-garde infrastructure and highly skilled teams will ensure that the projects are completed on time. We will train the manpower about the latest tools and technologies. As a strategic partner, you will be working on a joint venture with us and focus only on bringing business. You will be working on the front-end, while our team will take care of all the back-end developments. Profits will be shared, as per the agreement.


    • Have a talented and well-trained in-house business and sales team
    • Have necessary establishment and infrastructure to provide regular business
    • Must have experience in closing business deals and handling clients


    • Bring in regular business and enhance company’s reputation
    • Pass on complete project requirements to Freakcoders


    • Dedicated team to manage technical aspects or development of any project
    • Competitive prices tailor-made as per projects

    Referral Partners

    By becoming a referral partner, you can work toward continuously adding new clients and focus on achieving potential in the client base and geographical coverage. This is a rewarding program. The referred deals will be finalized by us. As one of the best web and mobile development companies in Bangalore, we will ensure the recommended projects receive top-notch solutions


    • No eligibility criteria


    • Recommend potential and trusted clients
    • Market Freakcoders’ products, services and solutions to the clientele


    • Client recommendations will be well-handled leading to long-term associations
    • Commissions on every closed deal