Software Maintenance and Support

Efficient and robust services that are pocket-friendly

When it comes to providing maintenance and support services,nothing can beat Freakcoders. We provide the same expertise and dedication, irrespective of the project. Our advanced analytics, cognitive computing capabilities and technical support specialists ensure that your systems are running and prevent downtime. Some of our maintenance and support services include:

SMS Services

Application Enhancement

We understand the importance of application enhancement and offer integrated services to streamline, manage and maximize all systems and applications within your organization. We provide top-notch and robust enhancement solutions that are quick and effective. We also undertake period modifications, upgrades and patches as per the changing business dynamics.

Backup and Recovery

Our team implements backup and recovery solutions that automate continuous,differential, full, incremental and mirror backups for your organization’s assets. Our dynamic backup solutions are set up on-premises, local, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.

DevOps Solutions

Our team of DevOps experts are focused i improving the speed and quality of application delivery. We have delivered various automation solutions using tools such as Chef, AWS, Jenkins, Openstack, Puppet and Razor. Our solutions include continuous Integration and development implementation, automation of infrastructure provisioning and continuous monitoring of applications and resources. We also develop custom dashboards for a single pane view of the entire DevOps process.

Legacy App Modernization

We revamp your existing applications and future-proof your business according to latest trends. Our modernization services include methodologies and tools legacy app re-platforming and migration. We also provide scalable modernization solutions that can efficiently optimize operations, minimize disruption, improve flexibility, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Performance Tuning

We offer performance tuning solutions to test and evaluate the quality and performance of your software applications. We cater to the various requirements of our clients from all over the world, providing end-to-end solutions to help them launch future proof applications with high availability, responsiveness and scalability. Our team of adept performance engineers, with knowledge of various testing tools, identify and eradicate performance-based defects. Performance testing solutions & services we impart to our clients from all over the world are realistic & powerful and cater to their various requirements.

Pre-support Audit

We offer independent audit for each software product to understand if they can be handed over to support engineers. Software developed by both Freakcoders and third parties are analyzed, post which a detailed project status assessment as well as recommendations on its enhancement are provided. Based on the pre-support audit results, the project is handed over for maintenance and improved.

Software/Application Support

At Freakcoders, we help our clients meet challenges of software maintenance and support with a range of services designed to ensure timely response and substantially lower their maintenance costs. Our guaranteed services include cost-effective maintenance and support for high-volume apps or websites, technical and user support, and ongoing content updates.

System Monitoring

Freakcoders’ server monitoring tool offers tailored email, SMS, and voice call alerts and employs techniques that help eliminate false alerts or spams, You can monitor the performance and robustbess of your server's system resources such as CPU Usage, memory consumption, I/O, disk usage, network, and processes.